Why Find a Temp Job through a Staffing Agency?

For anyone embarking on a job search, it’s good to weigh the pros and cons of using a staffing agency. In industries like manufacturing, which employs 76% of all temps, a large share of full-time jobs start as temp jobs. For that reason, whenever you’re in the market for new temporary employment or even a new permanent job, a temp agency is one of the best ways to get your foot in the door. You may just find that temp work is ideal for your situation.

Advantages of Temp Work

If you’re looking for a long-term steady paycheck, temp jobs may not look like a long-term way to pay the bills at first glance. However, dipping your toe into the pool of temporary work can give you several advantages compared to taking the first permanent employment you can find.

Reasons to Consider Temp Jobs

Why should you consider temp jobs?

  • Flexibility. You might not like the first job you come across when you’re searching on your own. Temp jobs give you a chance to try different options in the short term rather than being committed for the long haul.
  • Experience. Temporary jobs help you prove yourself in a work environment. Companies are often hesitant to directly hire someone if they have a criminal history or a not-so-stellar job history. Find an agency that has developed a reputation for matching the right employee to the right job. Having a reputation as a unique temp agency helps because employers are willing to use their temp-to-hire option when otherwise they might not be.

Control. If everything works out, your employer might buy your contract and offer you a permanent position sooner than the 90-day requirement to work as a temp. Fantastic! At that point, you’re in the driver’s seat. You’ll know if the job is a fit for you, or if you would rather move on and try something else while chalking this one up to short-term experience.

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How Using a Temp Agency Makes a Difference

A temp agency is normally the best way to find a temp job that meets your needs and interests. The sheer number of job opportunities that temp agencies can offer usually far outnumber what you will find if you’re applying directly to a company.

A temp job helps you find the right fit

Beyond that, a good temp agency can help you find a position where you fit in, both in terms of skills and your personal preferences. Maybe you prefer second-shift or you like a fast-paced environment, or you want to increase your skills beyond entry-level. A temp agency will want to know all of those things, as well as who you are as a person, and what’s best for you before they try to place you in a position.

Temp work can help you find the right culture

You also can try before you buy! As you may have noticed, companies and cultures vary quite a bit for different types of manufacturing jobs — even if the job description is the same. Some companies are super clean, and others are not so clean. Some employers may have different overtime and work-life balance expectations. These types of situations are much easier to sniff out once you’re on the job. Compared to direct placement, a temp agency is much more understanding of the need to find a good fit for your skills and preferences. Finding the right fit is the specialty of any good temp agency.

A temp agency can save you time

A temp agency can save you time as well. Agencies have contacts with multiple employers that have temp jobs that you may qualify for immediately when you complete the vetting process. Overall, using a temp agency can save a lot of time finding the right job compared to knocking on individual doors or waiting for the right job to fall in your lap.

Additional support for workers

Some staffing agencies offer additional support for temporary workers as they enter the workforce. For example, they might provide work gear, transportation, or resume assistance. Some insist on paying a liveable wage for their positions, turning away potential companies that do not provide a high enough wage for their temp workers.

Using a temp agency can be one of the most rewarding ways to find temporary work that will get you through the short term and potentially find a long-term position that you truly enjoy. Whatever the pros and cons, giving temp work a chance is one of the easiest ways to invest in your future.

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