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2024 human resources technology

HR Trends

Top 5 Innovations in Human Resource Tech for 2024: Harnessing Efficiency and Engagement

Unlock the power of HR tech in 2024, from automated payroll to the impact of AI in the HR industry . . .
man holding back, work injury needing workers compensation

Pay & Benefits, Regulations

Understanding What Is Workers’ Compensation Insurance and How It Protects Employees

Dig into details of workers’ compensation insurance. Learn how it protects employees and employers, principles, considerations for staffing agencies, and . . .
Employee wondering about 1000-hour rule eligibility for temporary employment

Pay & Benefits, Regulations

Decoding the 1000-Hour Rule for Temporary Employees: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn the impacts of the 1000-hour rule on benefits, employer obligations, and legal compliance when hiring temporary employees.
HR manager performing video job interview

Job Search

Mastering Video Interviews: Essential Tips for Success

Body language, computer setup, and ensuring a smooth wifi connection are must-have career advice tips to land your dream job. Don’t let poor audio or …
staff working for charity forming heart with hands

Career Development

Careers Working for Charity: Find Your Calling in the Nonprofit World

Use your talent, experience fulfillment, and earn a decent salary with a non-profit job. This post is jam-packed with advice, resources, and . . .
Woman thinking about career growth and work-life balance

Work/Life Balance

Top Flexible Employers: Companies Leading the Way in Work-Life Balance

Learn which employers prioritize flexible work arrangements, its key benefits, types of technology support, and tips to find jobs that . . .

Did You Know?

Non-profit staffing organizations like Goodwill Industries assist job-seekers in their search for employment. They can help with resume-building, finding a job, the interview process, and guidance through the hiring process. To use these services, contact your local Goodwill job support chapter.