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Illustration depicting a woman advertising job positions to potential candidates on social media

Employee Recruiting, HR Trends

Master Social Media Recruiting: Strategies for Effective Talent Acquisition

Facing challenges in attracting the right talent? Social media recruiting transforms the way companies connect with potential hires. This concise guide dives into tactics for effectively using platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook for targeting both active job seekers and passive candidates. You’ll also learn how to enhance your employer’s brand and measure the success of … Read more
An HR manager responsible for hiring employees

HR Trends

Empowering HR: Tips and Strategies for a Thriving Workplace

Immediate, impactful HR tips to empower your human resources team and foster a more effective workforce for your company.
Illustration showing two skyscrapers on top of puzzle pieces joining together, representing a merger

HR Trends, Regulations

Understanding Challenges for Human Resource Management During Mergers

From retaining key talent and integrating company culture to combining policies, HR plays a major role in organization mergers and acquisitions.
Illustration of a futuristic AI-powered resume builder

Job Search

Revolutionize Your Job Search with Top-Tier AI Resume Builders

If you’re searching for ‘resume AI’, you’re likely wondering how artificial intelligence can you build your resume. But an AI resume builder doesn’t just create a resume, it crafts it specifically to catch a hiring manager’s eye. AI resume tools precisely analyze job descriptions, write your resume, offer real-time suggestions, and fine-tune it for an … Read more
A birth doula working with a patient in her home for a side hustle

Career Development

10 Empowering Nurse Side Jobs for Financial Freedom

As a nurse, capitalizing on your expertise to boost your income through side jobs can be both fulfilling and lucrative. You might be wondering which side hustles for nurses align with your schedule and passion. This guide strips away the guesswork, presenting you with select side job options crafted for fellow nurses eager to expand … Read more
Coworkers playing a harmless office prank

On the Job

20 Funny Office Prank Ideas for a Livelier Workplace

Whether it’s to celebrate a milestone or just for fun, our list of 20 funny office pranks guarantees laughter without crossing the line.

Did You Know?

Non-profit staffing organizations like Goodwill Industries assist job-seekers in their search for employment. They can help with resume-building, finding a job, the interview process, and guidance through the hiring process. To use these services, contact your local Goodwill job support chapter.