Employee Benefits at Staffing Agencies

The biggest perk of being employed by a staffing agency – they offer more than just steady work with a great company.

A quality staffing agency should offer the following benefits to help employees be successful:

Personal Protective Equipment

An agency may provide purchasable PPE, to all workers. Assuming the host employer doesn’t supply PPE to employees staffed by an agency, the agency itself may provide this necessary equipment for the safety of the worker. The agency should discuss the PPE required with their employee as well as how to access the equipment and obtain refills when necessary.

Types of PPE include:

Safety Glasses


Steel-Toed Boots

Welding Shields

Transportation Assistance

Public Transportation

An agency will sometimes assist its employees who are starting a new job by purchasing bus passes. This can be a win-win for the workers, agency, and temp employer by making everyone confident that the employee can get to work. This is especially important for entry-level jobs where the applicant does not have money for transportation until they begin working and receive their first paycheck. Depending on the staffing agency, they might deduct the employee’s bus pass cost from their paycheck.

Uber, Lyft, or Taxi

If public transportation just won’t get you to work, a staffing company may also help by sharing costs for ridesharing or taxi services.

90-Day Bonuses

Some agencies offer employees a bonus after they’ve been working at a client location for over 90 days. Congratulations to all employees who reach this milestone!

1000-Hour Rule

The 1000-Hour Rule states that temp employees can gain access to certain benefits, including employer retirement plan participation, after accumulating 1000 hours of service over a 12-month period. If you have worked as a temp for over a year and accumulated over 1000 hours, including overtime hours, you should check your federal and state regulations concerning this benefit.


Health Insurance

Health insurance may be available to employees at a certain percentage. If an employee is hired by their host employer after a 60- to 90-day trial period, insurance is often available to them at a lower cost by their new employer.

Workers Compensation

As required by law, staffing agencies insure all their employees with Workers’ Compensation Insurance. This plan provides medical and wage benefits to employees who are injured or become ill at work.

Unemployment Insurance

As required by law, a staffing agency contributes to the UIA on behalf of its employees. Unemployment insurance provides cash to previously employed workers after a layoff. Rules generally stipulate that the recipient must actively seek employment during their unemployment period. Work longevity requirements and a legitimate reason for no longer being employed must be met before this insurance goes into effect.