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Does anyone know good earplugs for a noisy job?

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It is really noisy at my factory job. I wear earplugs and they help a little, but not enough. Anyone know good earplug brands to use for drowning out factory noise?

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I use Softvox work ear plugs with 25 decibels noise reduction. I'm an Ironworker so I'm around loud noises all the time. I pop these babies in and forget that they are there. And they work! Sometimes they get a little loose but it could be the weird shape of my ear. Much better than the ones that work gives out free.


It is supposed to depend on the decibel protection number, but I'm a comfort gal too. I'm using Decibullz Custom Molded Earplugs now, with 31 dB NRR. I had to boil the tips in water and put it in my ear to get the custom shape. A review on Amazon said how to do this step, which was better than the instructions. So I followed those. They can be remolded too but mine fit so well I have not had to do that. They don't take away all sound, but muffle it pretty darn well.