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2nd shift?

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I'm thinking about switching form 1st to 2nd shift. The pay is much better. But I have two kids in grade school and that will take time away from them. We can sure use the money though. Is anyone else with kids working 2nd shift and if so, how is it working out?

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I don't work 2nd shift but my husband does. He likes the shift but I detest it. He is never there for the kids' school events and it is taking a toll on them. "Why can't daddy get out of work to watch me play? Wish he could have seen me score yesterday." Bedroom time with him is practically non-existent. And that's just the beginning of a long list of reasons NOT to go on 2nd shift with a family. I would try very hard to find other ways to get the money situation to work.


We're in a money situation too, and I switched to 2nd shift to help. I'm still trying to find ways I can get more hours to spend with my 3 kids (and wife). I cannot sleep when I first get home, so I stay up late and then sleep in most of the morning the next day. Then I eat lunch and get ready for another day at work. Seems like I'm missing some hours in there. Two kids are in school and one goes to day care while my wife works. Weekends are the only time I feel like I can see them. And I (try to) sleep half the morning those days. Unless this changes, I'm going to switch back to days as soon as we catch up financially.


I like working 2nd shift a lot more than 1st. My boss is more laid back and work isn't as stressful. My wife and I decided to use part of my vacation time for me to attend the bigger school events for the kids. But I get 2 weeks a year so 1 week is always saved for a real vacation. So far this is working for us.