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Do I give a gift for Boss's Day?

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I've only been at my current company for under a year. Should I gift something to my boss for Boss's Day? If so what types of gifts are appropriate or recommended? NOTE: We're not close personally but we meet briefly each week to discuss weekly tasks and upcoming projects.

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I'd say yes. Since you're still relatively new, it's a gesture that will make you stand out and leave a good impression on your boss. It can't hurt!


It is entirely up to you. Many people don't even have bosses day on their radar. If you really like your boss, and genuinely want to give them a small gift, go for it. But a good boss will never hold it against you if you don't get them a gift. Also be aware that if you get them a gift this year, you may feel more obligation to do so in future years.


I would first ask other co-workers if it is part of the company's culture to celebrate bosses day. Who knows, they might all go in on a gift or something. If no one celebrates it and you would like to because you have a super boss, I would do it discretely. As a newer employee, it could generate jealousy towards you from others on your team, or at the least start the grapevine going with both positive and negative attitudes about you.